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As well as adding canned queries to Inmagic Genie search results elsewhere on your web site, you can also add them right into the heading area on your query screens.

Genie OPAC with canned queries

In this example above we have added links to a Journals List and to Recent Acquisitions.

The code to add the View All Journals link is the canned search syntax added to the Heading = parameter in your MyQueries.config file.

Genie MyQueries.config

You can also move the links between Simple and Advanced searches to this Heading area instead of using the default drop down.

Genie MyQueries.config2

Don't forget to change the section at the bottom of the config file that lists which search screens display. We usually comment this out rather than remove it.

Genie MyQueries.config3

(Thanks to Lisa and Jean at Inmagic for these tips.)

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