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We feature a cool tool in almost every issue of the Andornot Newsletter, but here’s one that just couldn’t wait for the next issue: Screencast-0-matic! Not only does it have a fabulous name, it’s a great tool too.

Here’s the 411 on it:

  • It’s a screen recorder – it records the motions, clicks and actions you make on your computer, whether using software or browsing the web. It’s like pointing a video camera at your screen.
  • You can limit the recording to just a portion of your screen (e.g. to avoid capturing personal information).
  • You can also record audio, or video from a webcam.
  • You can upload the result to YouTube immediately after recording, or export it to a video file on your computer.
  • It’s Java-based and launches directly from the Screencast-o-matic website, so there’s no software to download and install.
  • It’s free (though there’s a Pro version that doesn’t apply a logo overlay to the video).

I particularly appreciated that it didn’t require a software install, just Java, and that I could upload the result to YouTube right away (though of course I wouldn’t do that if the video showed anything confidential or proprietary). With just a few clicks, I can record something and send it to a client to illustrate a point, almost effortlessly. I often make screenshots, drawings and diagrams to help convey information, but sometimes a video is better.

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