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For many years, Andornot has proudly sponsored professional association events and supported our colleagues through participation in conference trade shows. And in 2017 we introduced our Andornot Professional Development Grant, which was historically awarded annually to one person to help them attend a conference.

In 2021, in recognition of the changing nature of professional development and the other challenges of the time, we expanded the number of awards and the purposes to which it could be put.

For 2022, we're returning to a focus on funding professional development opportunities, whether they be in person or virtual. $1,000 is available, but will be shared amongst as many applicants as possible. The funds could be put towards any costs associated with activities such as:

  • Attending an in-person or online conference, workshop, study session, event, lecture or other learning opportunity.
  • Hosting our organizing such an event.

Costs that could be funded include the costs of the virtual or real world event (space, speaker fees, software fees, travel costs) or even the loss of income if you miss work to participate or organize the event.

We’re open to your ideas for what might benefit you and your work or career in these challenging times, so these are simply ideas. We invite you to also present something for which you seek funding.

The deadline for application is January 31, 2022 and recipients will be notified as soon as possible after that date.

Apply by completing this form.

For the fifth year in a row, Andornot was pleased to offer clients, colleagues and the GLAM community a grant. In previous years, this was intended primarily to help you attend a conference for professional development purposes. This year, in light of the pandemic, we expanded both the funds available the uses to which they may be put, to include health and wellness activities as well as professional development.

This blog post has a complete description of the grant for this year.

The application deadline has just passed and we’ve been pleased to award grants to several people, for uses such as attending conferences, taking a day off work, and purchasing a commuter bicycle.

We hope that 2021 is a better year than 2020 in many ways, we look forward to seeing you at conferences in person again some day, and to offering our grant again at the end of 2021.

For many years, Andornot has proudly sponsored professional association events and supported our colleagues through participation in conference trade shows. And in 2017 we introduced our Andornot Professional Development Grant, $1,000 awarded annually to one person to help them attend a conference.

This year is different: 2020 has been relentlessly stressful on everyone, and the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted events and trade shows like a fox among the pigeons. Maybe you’re even thinking that professional development can take a back seat for a while, just until you catch your breath. We very much understand, and want to support you wherever you’re at right now.

In consideration of the times we live in, we have evolved our Professional Development Grant into a general grant that can be put to a wider range of uses, and we are making more funds available. In 2021, we will split $3,000 between multiple applicant. The funds may be used for professional as well as personal development, to help you keep going. For example, possible uses might include:

  • Attending an online conference or workshop.
  • Hosting an online conference or workshop.
  • Paid time off work to work on a research project or prepare a paper for presentation.
  • Paying a professional resume writing service to improve your job-hunting prospects if you lost work this year.
  • Purchasing PPE.
  • Simply taking a “mental health” day you wouldn’t normally get paid for.
  • Going to a spa to help you de-stress.
  • Purchasing a bicycle or running/hiking/walking gear.

Adopting a very cute emotional support animal friend.

We’re open to your ideas for what might benefit you and your work or career in these challenging times. The application form is available now at and is open until January 15th, 2021, at which time we hope to choose several successful applications to fund.

Applications will be viewed only by Andornot’s senior staff and will be kept in strict confidence. The names of recipients of the grant will not be made public, though everyone who applies will be contacted to inform them of their application status.

To apply, fill in this Google Form which asks for this information:

  • Your name, phone number and email address
  • Organization for which you work, if employed
  • Amount requested
  • Intended use
  • Benefits (to you, your association, or others)

While we miss meeting you in person at conferences and other events, we’re only a phone call or email away. We hope our expanded grant helps you stay safe, sane, and connected to your colleagues. We’re all in this together!

Library and Archives Canada has announced the launch of the 2021-2022 funding cycle for the Documentary Heritage Communities Program (DHCP), with $1.5 million to award to documentary heritage organizations across the country.

The DHCP provides financial assistance to the Canadian documentary heritage community for activities that:

  • increase access to, and awareness of, Canada’s local documentary heritage institutions and their holdings; and
  • increase the capacity of local documentary heritage institutions to better sustain and preserve Canada's documentary heritage.

This program is a great opportunity for archives, museums, historical societies and other cultural institutions to digitize their collections, develop search engines and virtual exhibits, and other activities that preserve and promote their valuable resources.

Further program details, requirements and application procedures are available at

How can Andornot help?

Many Andornot clients have obtained DHCP grants in previous rounds, and Andornot has worked on many other projects which would qualify for this grant. Some examples are detailed in these blog posts:

We have extensive experience with digitizing documents, books and audio and video materials, and developing systems to manage those collections and make them searchable or presented in virtual exhibits.

Contact us to discuss collections you have and ideas for proposals. We'll do our best to help you obtain funding from the DHCP program!

As Archives and Museums have had to close due to COVID 19 or are operating with reduced hours and access, it has become more important than ever to maintain visibility and value by providing more resources and information online.

There are still some grants available to help with the cost, and reassuringly the LAC DHCP program funding for 2020-21 has gone through and we are working with recipients on their projects.  There is also a new initiative, the Canada Emergency Support Fund for Heritage Organizations from Heritage Canada which has a submission deadline of  September 1, 2020.   The BC Museums Association and similar organizations in other provinces, provide listings of grants that are available.  We can provide assistance with writing proposals to take advantage of these funding opportunities and always have suggestions for projects that might fit into a grant application, or be feasible if you have any budget available.

Many of the grants are for digitization initiatives as these are one of the best ways of ensuring better access to items in your collections.  As part of the digitization program there is often the option to enhance your web search interface, which is where we can help.  We can work with all sorts of data without necessarily changing your underlying workflow and have you up and running with a modern, very functional site very quickly.  For clients who already have at least part of their collections online using our systems, we are suggesting some relatively simple enhancements such as adding commenting to digitized photos to allow more community involvement.  Take a look at a typical record with comment from Bulkley Valley Museum or from La Société historique de Saint-Boniface.  All comments are moderated before they are displayed which does take some work, but it is also a good opportunity to connect directly with your users.

Another option that is popular with people stuck at home and looking for something useful and interesting to occupy them, is crowdsourcing the transcription of various historical documents. We recommend these be based around a theme such as World War I diaries, or letters from a particular fond or on a selected topic. We can set up a site  using From the Page software ( where clients can upload handwritten digital documents for transcribing.  Apparently there is a surge in interest in this type of project - see this recent article How to Help Librarians and Archivists From Your Living Room. If you’re cooped-up and curious, use your free time to decipher handwriting, tag images, and more.

If you already have digitized content which is not yet available online, we have various options that might not be as costly or as time consuming as you might think!   We can extract metadata from a file structure or we can index the full text of documents to provide search capabilities immediately.  Maybe items have already been digitized by someone else?  Have you looked in the Internet Archive for items relevant to your collection?  Many of these are available for non commercial use and can be incorporated into your own systems quickly and easily.  Or do you have data in other repositories or software that we can integrate to add value?

Please let us know if you might be interested in learning more, or have any other good ideas that we can help you with!


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